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August 2020

Monica Bhagwan with Guy McPherson (

Monica Bhagwan was interview by Guy McPherson of The Trauma Therapist Podcast. Here's a description of this episode. To read the rest of this introduction and to check out the interview of Monica Bhagwan by Guy McPherson, please go this hyperlink. Please know that Monica Bhagwan along with Adrienne Markworth are Community Managers of the ACEs and Nourishment community right here on ACEs Connection. We are proud of the work of our community members and managers.

Three simple ways to mitigate stress and practice self-care (

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create anxiety and uneasiness and impact people’s mental health and overall well-being, a Clinton Foundation partner shares her expertise and resilience-building strategies to use during uncertain or challenging times. This blog post was written by Dana Brown, Organizational Liaison, ACEs Connection. Dana is an ACEs Science Statewide Facilitator, and through the organization, Learn4Life, she works within the Trauma-Informed Work Group and Steering...

Seven Steps to Calm an Explosive Child

Are you exhausted by the explosive behaviors of the children you love? First, I want to say I am so proud of you. I know the fatigue and frustration that comes with parenting a child who feels out of control. The fact that you are reading this article means you are looking for support and guidance, and that means you are on your way to helping the children in your life. And believe me, you are probably already doing a better job than you think! Kids need you to show up more than anything!

Day Care, Grandparent, Pod Or Nanny? How To Manage The Risks Of Pandemic Child Care []

By Katherine Harmon Courage, National Public Radio, August 21, 2020 Pre-pandemic, about half of U.S. families reported having trouble finding care for a young child. That number jumped to nearly two-thirds this spring as day cares closed and other caretakers, such as grandparents and nannies, were told to stay home. And with many schools operating remotely, in a hybrid model or abruptly changing course this fall, many more parents, including those with kids in elementary school and beyond ,...

CDC Report Finds that 1 in 4 Young Adults Considered Suicide Due to Coronavirus Pandemic (

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious toll on the mental health struggles of Americans, particularly young adults. According to a recent survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of more than 5,000 respondents who were contacted in late June, 25.5 percent of adults between the ages of 18-24 reported having “seriously considered suicide” due to the pandemic. By comparison, 10.7 percent of all respondents reported having suicidal ideations. “Mental health...

Elevated “Hunger” Hormone Leaves Trauma-Exposed Teens at Higher Risk for PTSD

Chronic stress increases a blood-based hormone called acyl-ghrelin for years after the initial traumatic stressor exposure in some adolescents, and those with elevated levels of the hormone are more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and to experience more severe cases of the condition, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and published August 20 in JAMA Network Open . ...

Loving An Orchid: Understanding Child Abuse Trauma's Impact []

By JoAnn Stevelos, Psychology Today, August 21, 2020 As a child, I was an orchid but lived like a dandelion. I have always prided myself on my resiliency, for surviving a long and painful childhood filled with abandonment, psychological, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse . Child abuse can do that to you—give you a false sense of self and what resiliency really looks like. Resiliency is not just surviving. This false narrative of resiliency can take years to undo. One approach is to try...

With less money and more risk, waves of child-care providers call it quits []

By Rikha Sharma Rani, Los Angeles Times, August 22, 2020 Kirsten Hove and her mom have been taking care of kids in San Francisco for decades. Hove’s mother opened a day-care program in her home in the city’s Marina neighborhood more than 30 years ago. In 2006, Hove and a family friend expanded the business by opening sites in their apartments nearby. The days were long, but the women loved the work. What took years to build, however, was dismantled by the coronavirus in just a few months. [...

Surviving Spirit Newsletter August 2020

Hi Folks, The latest edition of the Surviving Spirit Newsletter is posted at the website - To sign up for an e-mail copy, please write to me @ or sign up @ Website via Contact Us, Thanks! Michael.

Empathy and Reading Comprehension Song!

I wrote the song "Handle with Care" as I was dealing with the murder of my husband's grandmother (hence the dedication to Valentine Marie Williams). The process of writing the song helped me in the healing, and in also in my feeling hopeful that I could, indeed, reach out to touch young lives to assist them in developing increased empathy and compassion for others. I also hope and pray that it fosters in listeners/ singers a feeling of empowerment --- and an inclination --- to make a...

A Listening Curriculum: School Radically Re-imagined in the Time of COVID-19

Symbolic of our quick-fix culture, I was recently asked to do a five-minute radio interview addressing the challenge of remote learning without the peer group dynamics of a regular classroom. The time constraint motivated me to get to the core of the education crisis precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic. Decades of developmental science research reveal that our physical and emotional health- our very sense of self- emerges in moment-to-moment interactions in our social world. The...

Newly Launched Page: Stories of HOPE []

By Chloe Yang, 8/19/20, As the pandemic stretches far into the foreseeable future, with jobs, schooling, housing, and almost every other aspect of life a swirl of uncertainty, it is easy to fixate on the negative. Here at HOPE, we do not deny the devastating severity of the pandemic’s effect on lives across the nation. We do not deny Covid-19’s exacerbation of long-standing systemic inequities in healthcare, housing, education, employment, and more. However, we...

Special Guests Graham Bodie & Erahm Christopher 8/27/20 12 p.m. PST for A Better Normal/Education Upended

"I have toured the country for the past 10 years to talk to our young people. I’ve learned that the biggest threat to our humanity is not guns, mental illness or our government. It is that everyone is talking and no one is listening. ” Erahm Christopher, The Washington Post Please join us on Thursday, August 27th as we host special guests Erahm Christopher and Graham Bodie to discuss the power of listening as part of our A Better Normal / Education Upended community conversation series.

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