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Make Time for Yourself—A Self-Care Guide for Busy Parents from Yolo County Children's Alliance


Yolo County Children’s Alliance is excited to share our new self-care resource for parents and caregivers for Child Abuse Prevention Month. Make Time for Yourself—A Self-Care Guide for Busy Parents talks about the importance of self-care and provides many ideas to try. The guide is available in English, Spanish, and Russian at

To help parents prioritize self-care, the guide divides specific self-care ideas into those that only take 5 minutes to do and those that take more time. There are also activities that parents can do with children. The ideas involve calming the mind, connecting with supportive relatives and friends, exercising, laughing, finding activities that bring joy, and getting enough sleep.

In addition to helping parents learn more about taking care of themselves, the information in Make Time for Yourself is designed to prevent child maltreatment by supporting the following protective factors known to strengthen families: parental resilience and social connections. When parents take deep breaths, exercise, or do a favorite hobby, they increase their capacity to be resilient. When parents call a friend or hug someone, they bolster social connections.

If you are a parent, please visit to read the guide and find self-care ideas to try. We hope you enjoy making time for yourself!

If you are a family-serving provider, please help us reach more families with this information. You can find out more by visiting and clicking on the link for service providers. We hope this information will help you support and strengthen families by encouraging parents to make time for themselves!

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Natalie Audage, the YCCA Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator, at

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Dear Natalie:
This is great. I like the feel, content and tone of the self-care guide for parents a lot. I haven't read the others yet. Thanks for sharing!

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