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Frontiers of Resilience - Echo Changing the Paradigm Conference 2018

"Frontiers of Resilience" is the theme of Echo's Changing the Paradigm conference in March 2018 and we wanted to make sure that ACESConnection members got a preview of our not-to-be-missed speakers and workshops as well as a special discount (see end of article). 
The much anticipated Dr Ken Hardy will be speaking on the "Healing the Hidden Wounds of Racial Trauma." (He was scheduled to speak at our conference in March but a snowstorm prevented him from traveling.) 
The preeminent scientist on the subject of intergenerational trauma and resilience, Dr. Rachel Yehuda is also a keynote. Her research on children of Holocaust survivors and children born to women pregnant during 9/11 has advanced the field of epigenetics. Our likes, dislikes and fears are programmed at a cellular level, thanks to the experiences of our parents and maybe even generations before them. We adapt to survive danger and pass those adaptations down to our children. It's fascinating stuff! (For more, listen to this podcast.)
Dr. Monique Marrow will speak on "Trauma, adolescence and behavior through a cultural lens" focusing on her work in the juvenile justice system among young people of color. (Here is a video preview.) 

Tonier Cain was the subject of "Healing Neen" and will be bringing a powerful resilience message that is also a stirring challenge to service providers. (Cissy White wrote an article for about the profound impact of Tonier's message.)
Jim Rendon literally wrote the book about post-traumatic growth. He will talk about what he learned from conducting extensive interviews with top scientists in the field as well as from hearing the inspirational stories of people who have overcome life-changing trauma. 
In order to be truly trauma and resiliency informed and get you out of your seats and into your bodies, in addition to the opportunity to hear these stand-out speakers, each day we will also be offering workshops on "embodied resilience." Physical work can help us not only regulate our emotions, but also rewrite old patterns of responding. Kirstie Seaborne from Embodied Parents in the UK will help us recognize patterns and learn to overwrite our conditioned responses to conflict and stress; Elaine Miller Karas will be teaching the body-based Community Resiliency Model (CRM); Nkem Ndefo will be introducing The Resilience Toolkit; Echo trainer Jorge Rivera will teach techniques from Capacitar; and Hanna Gilan, who is both an Echo trainer and yoga teacher trainer, will be providing a mini version of our trauma-informed yoga training
In honor of the community and support we find on ACESConnection, we are extending a special $315 rate to ACEsConnection members ($45 off the standard price) if you register by February 16. (Please use the code 'ACES315' when you register online.) We look forward to seeing you there! Please come and say "hello."

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