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7 New Communities Join ACEs Connection / August 2020


7 number of new communities have joined the ACEs Connection. Details about each of them are below as is information about starting and growing your community initiatives and joining the Cooperative of Communities.  

NursingACEs in Nursing Science Join us as we explore the intersection of ACEs Science and Nursing Science, with a lens on the unique needs of nurses as they integrate ACEs Science into their nursing practices and reflect on their own lived experiences as related to childhood trauma: their own, their patients', their communities. Community Managers: @Karen Clemmer and  @Carey Sipp

All children
All Children Thrive - California (ACT-CA) California is building networks of people and places across the state that are working together to identify the strategies and policies that can help all children thrive. Bold innovation, facilitated collaboration, and shared learning will help communities, cities, counties, and regions of the state to optimize the well-being of all of California’s children. All Children Thrive (ACT) aims to catalyze the capabilities of communities, cities, counties, regions and states to optimize the health development and well-being of all their children. Community Manager: @Jennifer Lopez 

DauphinDauphin County Trauma-Informed Collaborative (PA)The effort is underway to build a more trauma-aware, trauma-sensitive, trauma-informed, healing-centered Dauphin County. Our aim is to work with service providers, nonprofit organizations, employers, advocates and individuals, in order to create a comprehensive and inclusive county-wide network focused on trauma prevention, treatment and recovery. Community Managers: Kali Tennis and Boris Hines

quQuad Cities Trauma-Informed Consortium (IA - IL) The Quad Cities Trauma-Informed Consortium (QCTIC) is a partnership between Family Resources and the Child Abuse Council that began in 2013 as an effort to move trauma-informed practices into the Quad Cities. Collaborating across sectors and interests allows us to effectively expand our reach while we elevate the status of our community. Community Manager: Paula Vandervelde

OSTICCOcean State Trauma Informed Community Coalition (RI) is a collaborative group of public and private community stakeholders coming together to provide the vision, organization, training, and leadership needed to actively promote an understanding of trauma informed approaches and how to implement them across service systems and in public/private settings throughout the State of Rhode Island. Community Managers: Christine Hathaway and Wil Beaudoin

Resiliency in the valleyResiliency in the Valley (CA) The goal of the initiative is to launch a cross-sector collaboration to reduce ACEs and improve health and education outcomes for children over the next 10 years.Community Manager: @April Jones

bannerTransform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival Films have been instrumental in helping us understand individual, generational, and historical trauma - and healing. Documentaries can inspire and inform public policy and system-level change as well and that is why ACEs ConnectionCTIPP, and The Relentless School Nurse have come together to stream documentaries from this community site , quarterly, starting in September of 2020. Community Managers: @Robin M Cogan@Erin Connolly@Whitney Marris, and @Christine Cissy White


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