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Tennessee passes bill that withholds funds from schools teaching about systemic racism


Tennessee lawmakers have passed a bill that would withhold funding from schools teaching about systemic racism and white privilege.

HB 0580/SB 0623 officially cleared the General Assembly Wednesday, one of several to pass on the day lawmakers adjourned for the year.

The bill centers on restricting what concepts on institutional racism can be taught in school, and attracted some of the most impassioned debates.

While most of the majority-white GOP caucuses in the House and Senate supported the effort, Black Democratic lawmakers warned the bill would make schools fearful to teach about the United States’ history on race.

“Critical race theory is rooted in critical theory, which argues that social problems are created and influenced by societal structures and cultural assumptions,” said state Sen. Katrina Robinson, a Black Democrat from Memphis. “How ironic that a body made up of a simple majority of white privileged men can determine whether even my grandchildren can see reflections of themselves in the history lessons at their school.”

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The statement,  "stop the blame game" is a microaggressive statement. This type of language and attitude continues to dehumanize, ignore, and discredit the plight of black folks in America.

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