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Free, online ACEs & Resilience Training


The ACEs Coalition of Guelph & Wellington is pleased to announce the release of two new resources designed to promote resilient communities that prevent and reduce the effects of adverse childhood experiences.

ACEs & Resilience Training Modules are an online, self-directed learning tool for human service professionals interested in learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), their impacts on brain development and long-term health, and the importance of resilience in preventing and reducing the effects of ACEs. Participants that complete the training will receive a certificate of recognition and will be invited to join the ACEs & Resilience Community of Practice upon completion of the course.

The free, online course includes the following five modules, and can be completed in about 5-7 hours:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Module 2: The Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Module 3: Resilience
  • Module 4: Taking Action to Prevent and Reduce the Effects of ACEs and Build Resilience
  • Module 5: ACEs and Resilience Practice Case

Register here.

ACEs & Resilience Champion Toolkit was developed to support human service providers to take meaningful action to address ACEs and build resilience in their communities. The toolkit provides an opportunity to reflect on goals, offers guidance on how to have a conversation about ACEs and resilience, presents ideas for action, and links to useful resources.

Access the toolkit here.

To promote resilience in your community, please share this opportunity widely.

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I'm new here, but spent 20+ years as an elementary school teacher who was heavily involved in teacher professional development much of it focused upon new teachers. I'm retired now, but have a request from a colleague for suggestions for teacher workshops, on a professional day in February in Metro Vancouver.

I've followed the ACE emails for some time. Is there someone who might be able to present an introduction to the material in the ACEs & Resilience Champion Toolkit on the professional day in a morning or afternoon?

Teachers could then follow up with the rest of the Toolkit on their own.

Interested  or know someone? Contact me at ray.myrtle (at) gmail dot com.


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