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Xinachtli Virtual Youth Rites of Passage Facilitator Training


Xinachtli Virtual Youth Rites of Passage Facilitator Training

Xinachtli (Nahuatl for germinating seed) Youth Rites of Passage is a gender-responsive, culturally-based rites of passage philosophy, process, and curriculum that promotes healing, resilience, and leadership capacity of Chicana, Latina and Indigenous girls and gender expansive youth.

The Xinachtli Facilitator Certification Training prepares new facilitators with the skills to provide a supportive process for young girls and gender expansive youth to develop a positive identity, self advocacy skills, and a leadership skills based on indigenous principals of the individual’s interconnectedness to the family, the community and the nation.

This registration fee includes:

  1. Curriculum Manual
  2. Program Handouts (Hardcopy and Electronic)
  3. Pre and Post Evaluations
  4. Two years of Technical Assistance and Support
  5. 21 hours of Training
  6. Access to retreats and gathering

For more information or to register for this training please visit Learn more about the Xinachtli methodology or inquire about how to host a training at your organization/ community by visiting our website at

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