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Soul Literacy Workshop: Learn to Read & Heal The Root Cause of Dis-Ease

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Soul Literacy Workshop: Learn to Read & Heal The Root Cause of Dis-Ease

Symptoms are messages from your soul. Learn your specific soul's language & what is being communicated to you by learning to interpret the language of your symptoms. When you know your soul's language & specific expression, you can truly begin to heal & master soul alchemy.


About the Event

"These pains you feel are messengers from the beyond." ~Mawlana Jalal Eddin Rumi [qs]

Symptoms are not the problem, they are signposts or symbols of an imbalance or disturbance on the soul level. Symptoms are the soul attempting to communicate to you what the real problem is.

For example, people with symptoms of chronic fatigue often have energy leaks or their vital force is being drained by others due to poor boundaries. Symptoms of anxiety are often a result of denying inner guidance or one's intuition. Phobias & fears can be ancestral wounds that have never been resolved. Cancer is a cellular revolt indicating that the soul's truest expression has been chronically suppressed.

  • Have you been suffering or dealing with unresolved chronic issues?
  • Have you tried *everything* but to no avail?
  • Have you been dismissed or ignored by doctors?
  • Have you been chasing a diagnosis but can't seem to find out what's *wrong*?

This workshop is about finding the root cause of your symptoms on a soul level & how to resolve it through energy medicine.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • to read symptoms as signs or symbols of the original imbalance on the level of the soul,
  • the root cause of the imbalance & how to heal it,
  • the language of the soul and how the soul communicates the root cause of dis-ease through symptomology-- a symptom picture specific to the person,
  • how chronic symptoms are shadows [or suppressed acute pains],
  • about different symptoms, their origin & meaning,
  • how to truly heal on the deepest level, on the level of the vital force.

If you would like to become literate in the language of the soul or the language of the symbolic, this workshop is for you! All you need is a deep commitment to truth, to healing & the will to meet personal, ancestral & collective shadows.

$22.00 USD

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