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Session 1: Starting & Growing Resilient Communities: Online & In Real Life (IRL) Series Overview

Zoom Webinar

Session 1:  Starting & Growing Resilient Communities:  Online & In Real Life (IRL) Series Overview

***Note:  Thank you for your interest in this event.  Those who RSVP'd should have received a Zoom registration link via email.  Please check the email associated with your ACEs Connection account.  Thank you!

ACEs Connection presents, "Starting & Growing Resilient Communities:  Online & In Real Life (IRL)", an interactive webinar training series focused on developing existing and potential online community managers and IRL ACEs champions.  If you are not a current online community manager, please know that ALL are welcome to engage.  This series is dedicated to providing insight into creating sustainable and effective online & IRL ACEs initiatives.  "Starting & Growing Resilient Communities:  Online & In Real Life" is facilitated by ACEs Connection Regional Community Facilitators, Ingrid Cockhren & Cissy White, and consists of 12 monthly sessions that delve into critical aspects of starting and maintaining a collective movement. 

Educate.  Engage.  Activate.  Celebrate.  

See the series schedule below.  Those who RSVP will receive a separate Zoom invite and further instruction.  

Thank you! 

Monthly Webinar Series Schedule

Dates & Topics

Jan. 25th         Series Overview

Feb. 15th        Collective Impact 1.0

March 15th    How to Tell Your Community Story

April 19th       Mission & Value Statement

May 24th        Creating Norms

June 21st         Strength Assessment of Team

July 19th         Collective Impact 2.0

Aug. 23            Collective Impact 3.0: Sector-Specific Engagement

Sept.  20          Bridging the Gap Between Your Online & IRL Community

Oct. 18th         Best Practices: Tools to Growing Community

Nov. 15th        Trauma-Informed Policy

Dec. 13th         Keeping Your Initiative Strong for the Long Haul

  • Format:     Live Zoom Webinars (All Sessions Recorded)
  • Time:          9 a.m. PST/11 a.m. Central/12 p.m. EST

Please join us for the first session on January 25th.  This session will provide an introduction and overview of the series and will also include a brief Q & A session. Please RSVP below by clicking the green "Yes" button.  Note: You will be unable to RSVP for the event if you are not logged in. To check to see if you are logged in by looking to the upper right hand side of the main page of the site. If you see your name and either a photo or an image, you are logged in. If you do not see your name, click on the link that says sign in and use your email address and password to sign in. Once signed in, you can RSVP. If you have any questions, please contact Ingrid Cockhren.

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Thanks for the opportunity to join the webinar series.  I am an old retired social worker, keeping my LCSW and doing pro bono work in the local public school as well as working with a small group in a small rural community in northern Maine to "educate, engage, activate, and celebrate" ACEs-related endeavors.  We're just starting, but expect to accomplish good things.

Kudos and thanks to Ingrid Cockhren for her patience and skill in solving my problem registering (and it was MY problem -- not hers!).

- Dave Cote 

Kathy Hentcy posted:

Is there some way to get the updates on this event WITHOUT getting everyone's comments/questions about RSVPing, etc? I have unsubscribed from every notification because I was getting every single comment on this, but I had left "updates on the event" (or whatever it is), since I want to hear from the organizers if something changes. But I just kept getting all the individual questions and comment (and now everyone else will get this, which isn't necessary). Do I just assume that since I'm signed up I'll get an email with updates without checking the "follow" box below?

Hi Kathy:
Let me know if you have any other issues. Part of why we're doing this series is so we can communicate exactly about stuff like this and the tips and tricks for maximizing/customizing the site so it works better for community members and community managers. So, I'm actually glad your question/comment went to all because the answer will as well. Cissy