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Self-Love Yoga


Self-Love Yoga

Breathe, Stretch & Ground as You Connect to Yourself With Eunice Chung


Sep 07, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Zoom Online

About the Event


Do I need anything? : A yoga mat, water, and any props you would like to use. You will be “muted” once we get going, so don't worry about kiddos or pets or anything like that!

Where is it? : we are hosting these classes on Zoom. It works best with a laptop because the screen is larger. It's like a great big group video chat. It's really great because there's some extra accountability that comes with working out when you can be "seen" instead of just "watching" and trying to do it on your own later.

How should I set up my station? : Set up your yoga mat where you feel comfortable with a good flow.

What if I don't want to be seen? : If you feel weird being able to be “seen” you can turn off your camera after initial check-in. We will require that your camera is on during check-in to ensure no inappropriate attendance but you are welcome to turn off your camera after check-in. You will be able to see the instructor but no one will be able to see you if that’s more your style! We do encourage you to leave your camera on though! Keep in mind that in speaker view the instructor's screen will be the biggest, so you can see the instructor well and everyone else will just be a little thumbnail. If the instructor can see then they can cheer you on and also assist with form if need be!

When should I connect? Try to get logged in and into our "meeting" a few minutes ahead of time, so that you don't miss anything because we will start right on time! The first time you join us give yourself a few extra minutes.

This event is offered for free to support communities during this crisis. To help us keep these classes going, donations are greatly appreciated!

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