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Reiki for Trauma and Grief Care: Online Course (Pre-Sale)

Reiki for Trauma and Grief Care: Online Course (Pre-Sale)

Event Information

A Self-Paced Online Courses for Reiki Professionals that teaches best practices to support clients moving through Trauma and Grief

About this event

**Purchase the pre-course sale*BEFORE* June 1st and get 20% off. ***

This self-paced, 2 part training is for Reiki Professionals looking to deepen their understanding in how to support clients moving through grief and trauma.

Course attendees will walk away with a deeper set of human-centered skills after exploring the following topics:


-Definitions of trauma and grief

-Best practices in using Reiki to support clients moving through trauma and grief


-The nervous system as it relates to trauma and grief

-Steps to creating protocols for trauma and grief care


-The 6 Principles of Trauma Care

-Best practices in Grief Care

-Skills in understanding a Reiki Professional's Scope of Practice


Ethics and boundaries when communicating intuitive information


Reiki Professionals will demonstrate actionable steps in implementing reiki that supports trauma and grief care by:

Using a Trauma-Informed Reiki Protocol

Building discernment in how to ethically share intuitive information using the T.H.I.N.K. Acronym

Determining the important relationship when supporting Reiki clients through grief and Reiki

Adopt and apply the 6 Principles of Trauma-Informed Reiki in their client interactions while completing the course

Attendees receive:

-Lifetime access to the content

-Learning Companion Guide

-Slide Deck

-Access to content via Teachable Learning Management System


***IF YOU PURCHASE during the Pre-sale: You will get an email from Julie and Victoria with a link and access to the course on June 1st***

-There is no zoom link that goes along with this course, however, Eventbrite makes us create one when anything is online*

Read more about your Facilitators:

Julie Johnson, M. Ed, Reiki III Professional (Master Level)

Victoria Emanuela, M. S., End-of-Life Doula

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