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Rapid Regulation: Emotional First-Aid In-the-Moment Strategies

Online, via ZOOM with registration

Rapid Regulation: Emotional First-Aid In-the-Moment Strategies

Real-World Problems Need Real-World Solutions.  

Real World Problems Need Rapid Regulation & Release.

Solution:   Emotional First-Aid Techniques

Everyday living is stressful.  Whether you’re dealing with a burgeoning client case load, or wrestle with an increasingly reactive public, work in schools, community services, or even your own colleagues and peers, we have relevant, practical, tools for rapid de-stressing and re-regulating everyone.

Emotional First-Aid is a set of the most useful tools and techniques for our healing and recovery toolboxes we’ve found in over 20 years’ of training experience.  Many modalities are helpful after regulation is achieved, but what about before that?  How do you quickly, safely and appropriately help yourself and others into a balanced, regulated, and capable state?

No matter what kind of Tapping, Healing, Recovery or Energy work you do, no matter how new or experienced you are in your practice, this tight, efficient class of practical strategies and interventions for real-world living is for you.

Modern times call for modern solutions. And since the COVID pandemic, it’s more important every day for caregivers, practitioners and leaders to develop skills to meet the challenges of relentless stress, overwhelm, heightened stress, and threat-response reactions when faced with sudden change in our environment.

In a nutshell:   We’ve collected the fastest, most efficient and effective adaptations and regulators for in-the-moment use. Use for yourself, then for those around you or in your care.   SPECIAL LOW PRICING FOR PACES Connection Community. And 2 days, 2 times, for extra convenience!  28th at 9am EST or 30th at 4pm EST.

This 1-day-and-walk-away skills course is perfect for:

  • de-fusing our reactions and upsets to everyday events and even activated clients
  • down-regulating our nervous systems from overwhelming stress or threat reactions
  • rapidly recovering our most resourceful states and capability
  • taking care of those upset, activated or shut-down, around us
  • readying clients for Tapping or stress-relief services
  • effective and immediate peer-to-peer support techniques

This efficient course covers Mindset, Intention, Strategic Approach and Intervention techniques you’ll find easy to learn, remember … and use.

Emotional First-Aid is not Tapping/EFT.  It is a vetted group of support techniques for balanced, modern day living. Although the approaches and interventions taught incorporate some of the concepts found in Energy Psychology/Medicine and Acupressure fingertip tapping, EF-A is a thoughtful collection of strategic interventions that combines and adapts effective new developments for trauma-informed care, stress-release, and nervous, vagal and limbic system down-regulation.  It’s an exceptional blend that’s useful everyday, on everyday problems, from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Learn how to be helpful in times of trouble, how to be more comfortable, faster to bounce-back into resourceful action, quicker self-regulation and feel comfortable and confident, teaching others around you practical methods for weathering Life’s storms, big or small.



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