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The news describes alarming acts of violence without presenting us with ways to take action. Whether at the individual, social, or political level, our role in preventing future harm is often unclear. This webinar will discuss critical background to understanding what is most effective in preventing future acts of violence. It will present specific policies that could support prevention and reduce the risk of acts of violence. Specific action steps will be outlined so that everyone who attends will have the opportunity to become a member of a Pennsylvania Community that takes action to reduce violence.

Past approaches to violence prevention have focused on specific types of violence and the use of prosecution of cases of violence as a major mechanism of prevention. While this has increased recognition that interpersonal violence is happening in our communities, it can have a severe negative impact on victims and communities. Additionally, this current approach has not been effective in reducing the risk of acts of interpersonal violence in Pennsylvania.

This session will provide an overview of what we know about resilience, protective factors that support resilience, and how resilience can be used as a powerful factor in the prevention of violence. Upstream solutions that focus on common risk factors for violence across the lifespan will be outlined, along with how each of us could play a role in helping to make our communities resilient and safe. Public policies that are needed to support this approach will be discussed. 

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and describe at least three protective factors that support resilience
  • Articulate at least three upstream solutions to preventing violence
  • State at least three public policies that could build resilience in children and adults within Pennsylvania

This training consists of a 90 min presentation and Q&A to allow interaction between the presenters and participants in real time.


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