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Life After Loss Tables: The Educators Edition Inaugural Host Cohort-Day 1

A joint initiative of the School Crisis Recovery and Renewal project and The Dinner Party

Become A Life After Loss Table (LALT) Host!

Learn how to hold space for educators to connect and share about what it means to teach, lead school sites or systems, and provide school services after the death of a student or alum.

Interested in holding space for grief and the grief of others?

We’re looking for educators who’ve lost a student to join us in an inaugural effort to break down the silences and stigmas attached to grief in schools as educators, and to create spaces where we can explore how the experience has shaped us and the work we do.  

Join our inaugural host cohort

We’re looking for educators who want to host a group in your own community or school, and invite you to join us for a two-day training on how to hold space for grieving peers, as part of an inaugural cohort of hosts.

During the training, participants will learn how to organize a group, and the ins and outs of holding space: from how to structure each gathering, to how to care for yourself and others, to what to do when things go awry. You’ll have a chance to experience a table firsthand, and to share and reflect on your own experiences of loss and life after.

From there, you [our cohort members] will be able to set up tables in your own communities, receiving quarterly check-ins, 1:1 mentorship from SCRR staff, and ongoing support as you host their tables.

Learn more here: https://schoolcrisishealing.or...e-after-loss-tables/

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