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Intentional Me: Beginner Series

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Have you attended other self-care classes, training, or webinars? You get some good ideas, and sometimes even immediate relief, but soon after perhaps days, weeks, or months later, you feel burned out and unsatisfied with life again? Intentional Me is setting out to change that. It's about taking a deep dive into our personal development. It's about unlocking those personal triggers and automatic responses we don't even think about. It's about giving ourselves time to explore and understand our true selves. It's about being intentional about what we are doing. This is about not only understanding the science of trauma but taking intentional steps to help break old habits and put in place new INTENTIONAL ones that we have chosen. No longer relying on those automatic responses that often don't serve us. In the beginning, this may feel overwhelming, but through our supported process of accountability to each other, once you put into place some intentional solutions, you suddenly feel like you have more time to pursue the things that really fill you with energy. In this beginner series we will cover: 1. Orientation 2. Setting a Vision 3. Limitations & Tolerations 4. Clearing the Past 5. Creating Daily Habits 6. Simplification Each course is 60 minutes in duration, with homework to work on at the conclusion. This isn't regular homework, that is due the next time we meet. Instead, this is homework that we often need to sit with, ponder, consider and make decisions about. The goal is to be intentional, and not rash or random. As part of this course, you become a cohort with each other and accountable to each other. There is no judgment and no rush. It is about learning new tools and techniques, talking and listening to help guide each other to intentional living as the most awesome version of ourselves. Also offered in the Intentional Me series is an Intermediate and Advanced version that is available as you progress through the topics. All classes are with a live instructor (Shenandoah Chefalo) who is walking the steps with you and equally creating their intentional life.

Next cohort begins: August 10, 2022

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