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Intentional Conversations: Emotional Intelligence


Intentional Conversations: Emotional Intelligence

Hosted by Chefalo Consulting, Intentional Conversations are free, hour-long networking sessions for those interested in the trauma-informed framework. They give you a space to speak freely, ask questions, and seek support. Intentional Conversations are created by you and for you. Each week, we will discuss Chefalo Consulting’s latest blog, unless there are more pressing topics we need to cover. These prompts can help guide discussion, but they will not limit conversations:

10/10/22: Safety at Work

10/17/22: Recognizing Trauma Responses

10/24/22: Responding to Trauma States

10/31/22: Power Structures

11/7/22: Trauma-Informed Values

11/14/22: Self-Awareness

11/21/22: Social Determinants of Health

11/28/22: Emotional Intelligence

12/5/22: Empathy at Work

12/12/22: Staying Motivated

We encourage you to share personal stories or short videos (related or unrelated to the prompt). Each conversation will be facilitated by trauma-informed specialist Shenandoah Chefalo, which makes this space a great place to ask questions about the model or receive unique insights from an expert as well as your peers. Intentional Conversations 2022 will be held on Zoom.

Before you come, there are a few rules:

1. Cameras on. We love that you come as you are. There is no dress code (other than that you are dressed), and we are okay with the background noise of your life.

2. This is a non-judgment zone. The purpose of these conversations is to push us out of our comfort zone. You can ask questions, but we don't judge. We assume the best of each other, even when we screw up. We will support the screw-up, although we may also need an apology.

3. Bring your fun and your tissues. Although this is a professional networking event, it is first and foremost a trauma-informed space. Whether we’re crying or laughing, emotions are a part of the work!

That's it. You don't have to commit to a certain number of events. You come when you can. You stay as long as you can. Each session, we will check in with one another, introduce ourselves, and open the floor to discussion. You are welcome to share or simply show up. You can make a commitment, lend advice, or listen and learn. The choice is yours. What you get out of Intentional Conversations is up to you. *If we have less than 3-5 participants for a session, that session will be canceled.

You can RSVP for this FREE event here: https://www.chefaloconsulting....=service_list_widget

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