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Boundaries for Joy: Centering Renewal in a Time of Unrest

One of our (SCRR) project’s central tenets is to listen and learn from educators: What is most needed to recover from a school crisis? How might we create spaces for educators to experience their own processing so that they might feel more resourced and supported?

Join us on August 11th for our 2nd SCRR Summer Institute, where we gather to re-imagine wellness and explore ideas, structures and rituals that allow us to welcome the new school year more deeply attuned to our personal and collective needs.

This summer, we focus specifically on boundaries for joy: How might boundaries inform and form our joy? What are we upholding by our abilities and inabilities to honor our needs?

Note: this is less of a space to learn how to do for others and more of a space that centers how to be for yourselves.

Our Agenda (subject to change)

  • Opening and framing
  • Creating Our Joy Manifestos with Shirley Johnson
  • Constructing Our Self & Collective Support Plans with Oriana Ides
  • Integration and share out
  • Close

Institute Goals

  1. Create a safe, generative, and regulating experience for educators, school-based mental health providers, and people who tend to the emotional well-being of youth.
  2. Engage participants in evidence based, art centered, ritual activities that positively impact the process of recovery and renewal after a crisis.
  3. Provide an opportunity for educators and other school professionals to learn new ways in which they can utilize ritual to recover and renew to support their community after a big thing (crisis event).
  4. Support participants in imagining new ways to incorporate ritual and art into their personal practice in crisis recovery.

Learn more here: https://schoolcrisishealing.or...mmer-institute-2022/

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