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ARTIC Scale - FREE Webinar with Preview of NEW Online Version


With dedication to innovation in trauma-informed care measurement and implementation, the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) will soon launch a fully-automated, online version of the widely-used ARTIC Scale. The new online platform will enable organizations and service systems to assess and monitor trauma-informed care in a manner that is user-friendly, secure and cost-effective. Its powerful features include:

  • Online administration at mulitple time points
  • Fully-automated data management and analysis
  • Instant, confidential dashboard reports for organizations and individual staff
  • Multiple languages:  English, Spanish, French, Japanese


In April 2016, the Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care (ARTIC) Scale was released. It remains one of the only psychometrically-valid measures of trauma-informed care (TIC) available. In only two years, the ARTIC has been used by over 150 entities in 10 countries, translated into 4 languages, and administered to over 20,000 professionals.

In advance of the Spring 2019 launch, this FREE webinar will provide information for those considering whether the ARTIC Scale online may add value to their efforts to assess, implement, and research TIC in their settings.

Webinar topics include:

  • Current status of TIC measurement
  • Overview of the ARTIC Scale
  • ARTIC subscales, uses, and how it can drive data-based decision-making
  • How the ARTIC Online Platform solves "pain points" of TIC measurement
  • Tour of the platform
  • Dashboard reports for organizations and individuals


Learn more about ARTIC Scale and register for the FREE webinar on the TSI website:

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