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Wrestling Ghosts & Parenting with ACEs Zoom Discussion Link & Chat Notes


On June 15th, 2021 we recorded the last discussion of the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival series. Our special guest was the Wrestling Ghosts documentary producer and director, Ana Joanes, who spoke about the film and parenting with ACEs.
Here is our Zoom discussion which was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Resources Shared via Chat:

Select Quotes from the Discussion:

"Any story that shifts from blame, shame, and punishment, to compassion is a story that needs to be told."
Ana Joanes

"The voice of the community is what is most impactful. This movie also shifts definition of "experts."
Robin Cogan

“There’s no adult in the room if there’s no regulated adult in the room.”
Ana Joanes

"I heard Dr. Bruce Perry talking with Oprah and Brene Brown about how often what we call resilience is just resources and what they called the "privilege of regulation" because not everyone gets to be that because of being in survival mode."
Cis White

"We are the stories we tell ourselves."
Ana Joanes

"3 C's: Compassion, Connection, Community"
Erin Connolly

"Many children who have to look after their parents grow up to be over achievers as adults, needing to be THE person who does it all. That behaviour is a recognizable trauma response. And that shouldn’t be celebrated or enabled rather supported to be relieved from that behaviour compulsion."
Elizabeth Perry

"I think it was incredible to see Kim move from being unable to even think about herself as a child to talking to and soothing her inner child. So much bravery and vulnerability."
Natalie Audage

"the film was emotion and inspirational at the same time, I could resonate with the trauma and the emotional impact of self and its impact within my life, there are many layers to us all. I was Cissy, we can move forward, I'm still moving forward, we need to be mindful of others."
Sian Rose

"I recommend your film (Wrestling Ghosts) for my readers who have chronic illness. I think of this particular ACE of emotional neglect and all its complexity - as an “invisible ACE” and one of the biggest and least visible risk factors for chronic illness."
Veronique Mead

Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival
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CTIPP, PACEs Connection, and The Relentless School Nurse collaborated on this entire film series and it was wonderful to work with @Erin Connolly, @Whitney Marris, @Robin M Cogan, and @Natalie Audage. However, it's the film producers and directors who made these films available, at no cost, to members of PACEs Connection and who joined our discussions who we are especially grateful to for making this series so successful. Thank you to @Vic Compher, Rodney Whittenberg @ana joanes, PBS Broadcasting,

The Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival Team

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Too many people will procreate regardless of their questionable ability to raise their children in a mentally healthy/functional manner. Being free nations, society cannot prevent anyone from bearing children; society can, however, thoroughly educate all young people for the most important job ever, even those who plan to remain childless. 

I can’t help wondering, how many instances there have been wherein immense long-term suffering by children of dysfunctional rearing might have been prevented had the parent(s) received, as high school students, some crucial child development science education by way of mandatory curriculum? After all, dysfunctional and/or abusive parents, for example, may not have had the chance to be anything else due to their lack of such education and their own dysfunctional/abusive rearing as children.

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