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Why it’s Important for People with Chronic Illness to Limit Stress and Set Boundaries (Free Healing Fact Sheet to Inform Friends, Family & Your Doctor)


I created a downloadable Healing Fact Sheet in response to a reader who asked if I could create a simple guide that she and others could give to friends, family, neighbors, landlords, lodgers, acquaintances and others.

Someone had recently disbelieved her and put her down when she had set a healthy boundary to support her body and her health, and she had felt despair.

As so many of us with chronic illness have experienced, this kind of emotional conflict and lack of understanding can be very stressful (and retraumatizing). It can also trigger flares.

With input and feedback from this reader who is dedicated to healing, I've created the "Healing Fact Sheet." It aims to empower and help explain and validate the type of hard work she and others are doing with their chronic illnesses using trauma and nervous system perspectives.

One area that had recently been especially challenging for her involved how we sometimes have to set boundaries or limits that don't seem to make sense to others. Yet they stem from the daily variations in energy levels, capacities and limits we have when living with chronic illness.

This fact sheet explains

  • that symptoms vary daily for those of us with chronic illness
  • why it helps to reduce stress
  • why we sometimes have to set boundaries (and more)
  • how it's in the body and not psychological
  • how it takes a lot of energy, effort, courage, perseverance and will power to walk this chronic illness path in ways that are typically invisible yet very real
  • with extra validation from references

In addition to the list above, the Healing Fact Sheet can also help inform your doctor, other health professionals and more.

Get the Healing Fact Sheet below - it's relevant for other chronic conditions, including mental health conditions, chronic pain and more

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