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Why I support ACEs Connection: It’s about hope, amazing people who stand ready to connect me to people across the world, and data, mind-mind-bending data, all to help us build a more informed, kinder world.


I am Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz from Kansas and I just wanted to stop by and share what ACEs Connection has meant for me, my life, and my work.

ACEs Connection is a hub for people to find one another.  There are all these amazing people that stand ready, who are employed for by ACEs Connection, to connect me to people across the world, and find answers and possibilities. So ACEs Connection, on my trauma informed journey, has been a vital kind of staple

I remember early on, just having so many questions about how trauma and adversity, and how the science is playing out in the education world.

I also know what ACEs Connection means to individuals and families as people are searching for answers about why their life, perhaps, is the way that it is. And more importantly, what's their hope?  And that really is what the science of trauma informed is about, what the science of ACEs is about. It's about hope.

It's about a deeper understanding and a hope that as a people, we can come together and let the science drive our practice.

I have had multiple interactions with amazing people from across the world because of ACEs Connection.

ACEs Connection has connected us to one another. I remember I got to talk to somebody at education department in Tennessee early on about the trauma informed continuum and the way people move through that as an organization.

I just recently got to spend time with somebody that is doing this work in Ireland.

ACEs Connection staff? Ingrid Cockhren came through in a virtual experience, and helped guide  our community initiative. Cissy White has connected me too many, many, many people in the public education world, and to some really incredible training opportunities that really took us deeper into an experiential process with healing trauma in the lives of individuals.

Jane Stevens has graciously accepted multiple speaking engagements for us. She came and led a conference for us. She came and showed us the data, because the data tells us a story that is undeniable. And as Jane Stephen says, often mind bending. Jane was the first one that helped me to understand that anybody who promises you that you'll be trauma informed after a three hour workshop is selling snake oil that this is so much bigger and deeper and that this evolves and unfolds over time.

And Carey Sipp has really captured my heart with her work around buffering families and leading us towards organizations in child welfare and safe baby courts that are doing something different to increase the human capital that is right in our midst.

ACEs Connection taught me about the trauma of systems. They named things for me that I had experienced my whole life, and suddenly I had a way to encapsulate it!

ACEs Connection has been a huge part of my personal growth, my professional growth and  building a more informed and kind world.

I have gotten to put certain little writings on ACEs Connection and receive feedback and comments, and I've gotten to read multiple thoughts and research from others.

I am so glad that ACEs Connection so long ago, and had this foresight  that this is important, that we we need a place for people to come together and build new best practices that are constantly changing and evolving, but that are leading us towards a bigger possibility for mankind.

Thank you, ACEs Connection for all that you have done for me and my world.

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Thank you, Rebecca!

I hope other leaders in our community will join you in posting about their reasons for supporting ACEs Connection.

I am glad ACEs Connection is here because otherwise, we might not know about your incredible work that has helped 90 families leave poverty, its overwhelm, despair, and powerlessness, behind!

We celebrate the stories of hope and healing, and yours is one of the most inspiring stories I know. Equally as important, your way of thinking about poverty, about what it does and how it can be healed by being in relationships (people in poverty being paired with middle-class families who are friends to help walk with them as they navigate their way out of poverty) is what we all need to understand. It is about relationships. When you talk about how your brain changed as you were being supported -- for the first time -- in changing your life, it is such an important message for policymakers, legislators, people who truly want to change things, to hear.

I am so glad you are a part of this movement, that you and I actually got to meet each other live and in person in Topeka, KS a little more than a year ago, that you are a wild and outside-the-box thinker, and that you are really doing the work with the families you befriend. NINETY families. Imagine the ACEs that the children in those families WON'T experience because you have helped them know a safer, more nurturing, more stable home.

My heart is full. Thank you!

Carey Sipp

SE Regional Community Facilitator

ACEs Connection

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