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Why be 'trauma-informed'? - A training for churches


As I wrap up my doctoral studies, I am excited to see how the concept of becoming “trauma-informed” in ministry is starting to pick up steam across the country. A large part of the credit for furthering that conversation goes to you--my friends and colleagues here on ACEsConnection! It's been humbling to see how our relatively small ministry in Montana has something to add to the conversation.

In fact, far from being behind the curve here in Montana, we are on the cutting edge in terms of integrating the expertise of the medical and social service fields into how we do ministry in Montana. What's wonderful to contemplate is how many people can be helped by our collective expertise. At Intermountain, and through our sister organization ChildWise, we are part of a conversation that has the power to positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of hurting children, youth, and families.

Embedded in the post on my ministry site is 50 minutes of a training I was able to give at the 2017 New Wineskins Conference on Trauma and Resilience (March 18, 2017). They were not equipped to film every breakout, but they did record audio. So, what you will find is the PowerPoint presentation with the audio from the training. It takes a little time to get through, but would be a valuable resource to any church or faith community seeking to understand the impact of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in their community and how the Church can respond.

CLICK on IMAGE BELOW to go to the post with the video:


Other great resources are available for introducing these concepts to your community and church can be found on my ministry site, including:


Finally, a curriculum for introducing trauma-informed ministry principles to churches seeking to address the needs of traumatized youth in their communities is being vetted by over 50 ministries and mental health practitioners in 24 states across the country. Entitled Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks, the curriculum includes a copy of Paper Tigers and a resource DVD with interviews and discussion starters from several of Intermountain’s staff. I am hoping the curriculum will be available for wider distribution later in the year (it is currently on back-order as we collect feedback and amend the curriculum, though you can still reserve a copy!).


Chaplain Chris Haughee



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