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White House Hopes New Funding Will Deter Clearing Homeless Encampments []


By Sarah Holder, Photo: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, June 22, 2022

As cities and states increasingly respond to unsheltered homelessness with encampment sweeps and laws criminalizing outdoor sleeping, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is pushing communities to invest in other solutions.

HUD announced a package of funding on Wednesday designed to shrink the unsheltered homelessness population in the US by directing assistance to those who sleep outside, in their cars, or in other places not meant for habitation. It includes $43 million worth of housing choice vouchers, which provide recipients with permanent subsidized housing, and $322 million in Continuum of Care homelessness grants.

While most of the grant funding will go to urban areas that have the most visible population of people without shelter, $54.5 million will be earmarked for applicants from rural areas.

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*To read more about the challenges of addressing homelessness from California Healthline please click HERE.

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