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What Our Children Need Us to Know, Right Now


Dear ACEs community, I wanted to tell you about a helpful new resource, Emotional First Aid for Children, made expressly for times like these. We believe it combines a great amount of things our children need us to know and teach them, right now.

AKidFirstAidMy colleague Deborah Miller, PhD and couldn't have known while writing this that it would coincide with this viral outbreak, but it was in fact written for challenging times like these.

This handbook is an easy to learn, use and remember set of fast and efficient strategies to reduce fear/threat responses in the limbic system and ANS.  It is a holistic way to work with yourself, children, your family and community.  We've put it into 3 sections: Help Yourself, Help Others and How to Teach Others to Help.

We're working in some videos about it and towards a full online course, later.  But we couldn't wait any longer to get the word out to help, right now, when children all over the world are looking to us for leadership and to model how to navigate uncertainty and schedule chaos.

Here is the Amazon link; there is a Kindle version you can download TODAY.

We'll be releasing some videos, and more to come - for the moment here is one - not slick or commercial, but gets message across:


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