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Truth & Reconciliation: A Center for Community Resilience Documentary

At the Center for Community Resilience our Pair of ACEs tree has become a symbol of the need to plant vital nutrients in the 'soil' of a community to produce positive outcomes for children and families. We use that tree to hold space for difficult conversations on race and inequity in communities across the country.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and our summer of protests brought on by the larger understanding of intentional inequity driven by our nation's long history of structural racism, I was prompted to lead an effort that puts these painful truths at the center of an effort to heal and galvanize a movement for change.

In September 2020, we launched our first Truth & Reconciliation initiative in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio  with our Building Community Resilience partners who were joined by a coalition of community members and organizations that includes museums, arts, health care, education and community advocates. They hosted community conversations to share the truth about racial oppression, to share hurts and foster hope-- conversations that led to the development of a community driven policy agenda for change.

Our first ever documentary chronicles this community's journey of facing difficult truths, providing space for reconciliation and the formation of political will for systems transformation.

Come join us on this journey. Cincinnati is a microcosm of this nation. We hope that what you witness will give you the courage to face the truth and foster hope for change in your community. My hometown's story is one of hope and possibilities when we face our most difficult truths and come together for equity.

"Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation: Cincinnati" premieres in a live stream event on the National Day of Racial Healing, January 18th, 2022. Enjoy the preview, then register here to watch.


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Premiering on January 18, 2022

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Thanks for posting, Wendy!

Now if we could just get legislation protecting voting rights through Congress by 1.18.22, we could celebrate both!

Were Build Back Better to get through Congress, too, we could celebrate  strides in preventing voter suppression and ways to advance some measure of greater equity.

I’d love to celebrate your documentary and those bills being signed into law on 1.18.22!


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