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The unexpected force that may make us get less sleep []


Christian Thurillat, 70, in his Paris apartment while Europe experiences a heat wave in June 2022. Thurillat says he could not sleep at night in part because of the heat. (Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

By Kasha Patel, The Washington Post, May 21, 2023

Nick Obradovich couldn’t fall asleep, again. And now he was getting grumpy.

It was October 2015, and San Diego was experiencing historically warm fall temperatures in the mid-70s. The normally cool and dry city logged its three warmest October nights on record at the time during an unprecedented heat wave. The area had experienced its warmest October on record at about 7.7 degrees above average.

Obradovich was living with his wife in a condo with no air conditioner, which isn’t unusual given the typically mild weather year round. He said a lot of places don’t have air conditioning, especially in more bare-bones living spaces, including ones that graduate students like himself at the time can afford to live in.

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