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Screening for ACEs in 440,000 adults

You may be interested in this overview article about the ACE Study where, starting on p211, we describe our findings from screening for ACEs on a very large scale.  Even this initial step had unexpected major benefits.


Separately, someone recently inquired about treatment as opposed to primary prevention.  Two highly effective forms of treatment are EMDR and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.  The advantage of each is that both are highly effective, and are so in small numbers of visits.  Thus they are more affordable for more people than conventional psychotherapy.  You can learn about EMDR by googling it, whereas you can learn about Ericksonian hypnotherapy by going to the web site of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  



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Having seen "8 1/2", and "Satyricon", and one other whose title I don't recall, by the famed Federico Fellini, I'd definitely support your "Frivolous clarification", Edwin. Lest I get into what many VietNam Veterans refer to as "Pissing Contests", I think you're point about "Cumulative Impact" is well founded, also. I do support the inclusion of "medical trauma" , which was suggested by another ACEsConnection member, as another ACE-although my aversion to the smell of ether may go back to my childhood tonsillectomy--I don't [presently] recall if I was strapped down to the table, and had the anesthesia mask held forcibly to my face. I do have a recollection to being given ginger ale, after the procedure.

Hi Jennifer...

Reading your post/response to Kathy's post on EMDR, a couple of clarifications are probably in order: one substantive and one frivolous:

Substantive clarification: You mend your post with "It is safe to assume those with high Ace Scores were also traumatized as children. Yes?"  I think that ACES areentirely focused on identifying, and measuring the cumulative impact of, trauma experienced by children, so it is not an assumption but an assertion.

[See: My ACES and Me, (part 3): "Trauma" and how it gets that way for a more detailed reaction]


Now for the Frivolous clarification of typo:  You mention 'Dr. Fellini' early in your post so I would like to say that I am a great fan of his work.  [See: 10-federico-fellini-movies-you-have-to-see]  



Dear Dr. Felitti,

Aside from EMDR, I'd also be interested to have your take on this list of tools which I've been using to treat ACE developmental trauma, which is a page on my website "Healing Tools:"

These are tools available β€œright now” which I’ve used to ease panic attacks, often at 3 am when friends or therapist can’t be reached (tho’ I do leave voice mails & it helps enormously. Ask them to turn off their phone on retiring, then try it!) When we learn in infancy that we’re not wanted to exist, it wires our primitive brain stem for panic attacks (developmental trauma).

 EMDR and tapping in particular have been able to calm my worse traumatic terror attacks and β€œfreezes.” You know, β€œfight-flight” is when we’re in panic cortisol flood mode; but the body can only stay in fight-flight for a limited time.  If no one comes to make us feel safe, the brain stem puts us into β€œfreeze,” tech term β€œdissociation.”  In freeze we no longer can feel our emotions, but instead we get horrid back, neck or other physical pain, even lethal diseases -- and/or we just feel lousy β€œfor no reason.”  These tools eased my level of panic over time, too. 

Click here for the set of tools:



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On EMDR, please see my latest blog "What is EMDR and Why is it So Effective" :


Eye Motion Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) is a potent trauma treatment created by Dr. Francine Shapiro, a literary professor diagnosed with cancer.
She discovered by accident that if survival fear grew intense, her eyes moved diagonally or side to side as if in dream sleep – and she felt better. To read more here:

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