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S.O.A.R Into Parenting Subscription Box


In collaboration with several partners, we developed a 6-month subscription box for expectant families in our community. The box contains items for the family and educational opportunities for the extra incentives - local gift cards. Part of the purpose behind creating these boxes and this opportunity was to fill a covid-19 caused void, and provide some educational and supportive opportunities for expectant families. Many of the classes and opportunities for families to attend during the prenatal time period are still not available, and many families are walking through this period without the community support they need.

How it works - after completing an online survey the family is enrolled. They will receive 1 box every 2 months, for up to 6 months - 3 boxes total. Each box is prepared with items that are helpful to the family and the items are specific to the age and development of the child -- ideally 0-2 months, 2-4 months, and 4-6 months. We have also created an online resource of reputable and credible videos and support that a family can complete in order to earn local gift cards. We have also created a resource guide of local resources for expectant families and parents.

It is our hope that we can offer an in-person opportunity for all families (35 in total) to come together to enjoy a meal and socialize. We intend on finding a local provider to present and teach on ACES and resilience and how we can develop and implement protective factors at home and in their community. Due to Covid-19, this project has had to be fairly transactional, but it is our hope that we can offer a social opportunity for families to come together, learn, and engage.

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I agree with that. Because I monthly subscription management services for my magazines. And so many book box companies concentrate on the same excessively well-known trade fandoms too. Due to financial inability, I've not subscribed to book boxes over the years, but I see them across Instagram. The best I saw are the smaller books by marginalized authors and/or with lesser fandoms.

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