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Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World (Sharon Salzberg)


From one of the world’s leading experts in meditation comes a roadmap for engaging in challenging times with clarity, calm, and heartfulness.

Real Change guides us to embody the fundamental principles of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation to create a better world for both ourselves and others.

Sharon Salzberg is one of the mindfulness field’s most beloved teachers and prolific authors, with multiple best-selling titles including Real Happiness and Love Your Enemies. In her most recent book, Real Change, Salzberg turns her considerable wisdom toward the now ever-present question of how we can show up and help the world from a place of compassion, without succumbing to rage or burning out.

You could be forgiven for assuming that someone with dozens of years practicing meditation and loving-kindness under her belt is too grounded and heart-centered to get upset about what’s in the news. Salzberg tells us that it does sometimes leave her “burdened, tired out”—adding that it’s completely human to feel overwhelmed sometimes and to want to turn away from it all. Yet, “The truth is,” she tells us, “meditation would not be as meaningful for me at this time in my life if it were just about me.” She describes our built-in tendency toward either fight, flight, or freeze in the face of the powerful emotions. Gently, gradually, we can shift out of these responses, through mindfulness and loving-kindness practices that help us learn “to cultivate a sense of agency, to understand that a range of responses is open to us… to have the space in the midst of adversity to recall our values, what we really care about—and to find support in our inner strength, and in one another,” she says.

“Of all the contemporary female Buddhist teachers, Sharon Salzberg, is the most radically open, the one teacher I have met throughout the years who I can spend lots of time with, speaking about both the sacred and the mundane.” —bell hooks, author, professor, feminist, and social activist

Real Change is a real gift to us all at a crucial time in our human evolution helping us cultivate the clarity to bring deeply needed transformation into our personal and public lives. Soak in these words of wisdom and your inner life and the world around you will change for the better!” —Dan Siegel, New York Times bestselling author of Brainstorm'

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