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Re-envisioning early childhood policy and practice in a world of striking inequality and uncertainty

An urgent call to action from Dr. Jack Shonkoff and the Harvard Center on the Developing Child:

Over the past two decades, the “brain science story” has made a powerful case for investing in the early childhood period. During the last two years, a devastating pandemic has exacerbated
longstanding inequalities and disrupted vital services, while a groundswell of social activism has brought broader public attention to the deeply embedded inequities of institutional and systemic
racism. These converging challenges have intensified the demand for fresh thinking about the future of the early childhood field. The opportunity to leverage advances in science, on-the-ground experience and expertise, and a richer diversity of voices to drive a critical re-envisioning is compelling. The need to jump on this opportunity together, at this moment in time, is urgent.


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Thanks for posting. Case work and treatments, parenting education and support will never be enough to curtail the effects of the epidemic of child abuse and neglect. A preventive approach based upon a humane and civilized, comprehensive federal family support policy is long overdue. All public policy advocates must recognize the main barriers to this foundational responsibility are racism and capitalist priorities.

Thanks, Dr. McKewen, for posting!

We need to get information about the impact of trauma — and the impact of collective and historic trauma — to all policymakers. I would love to see you share this and PACEs Connection with your fellow “Mainer”, the historian and patriot writer extraordinaire Heather Cox Richardson. I’ve read one of her books — How the North Won the Civil War — and read her enewsletter daily. Her understanding and writing about the trauma of our history and of this time would be a huge lift to the PACEs science movement to prevent and heal trauma and build resilience in children, families, and communities.

Thank you for this prodigious writing, posting it, allowing us to help get it out into the world. I will be sharing it on social media.


Carey Sipp

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