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Public health nurses awarded for "1-2-3 Care Toolkit, a Trauma-Sensitive Toolkit for Caregivers of Children"


(l to r) Public health nurses Melissa Charbonneau and Peggy Slider (the extra award is for Rhonda Crooker, who was not able to attend the ceremony


It's always great news when people working to spread the word about ACEs science, and the trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science, are acknowledged for their great work.

And so it is that Melissa Charbonneau, Peggy Slider and Rhonda Crooker were given an Excellence in Nursing Practice award from the Inland Empire Nurses Association in recognition for the 1-2-3 Care Toolkit, A Trauma-Sensitive Toolkit for the Caregivers of Children. They developed the 178-page toolkit in response to a demand for hands-on approaches for those working with children exposed to trauma.  

The Inland Empire Nurses Association gave the award during their annual Spring Gala on May 10, 2016 in Spokane, WA.

Melissa is also the person who provided the original ACEs parent handout, which we updated and tweaked, and which, after requests through ACEsConnection, the Spokane Regional Health District also produced in Spanish. You can find these handouts -- and others from our members -- in the Roadmap to Resilience.     

Congratulations, Melissa, Peggy and Rhonda! We're grateful for your work!

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I will forward your comment to our assistant, Andrea Frost, at<> and she can assist you with information about ordering the toolkit. We only charge for the cost of printing(in color) and it is a fairly nominal fee.
Please see information below:
Melissa Charbonneau


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Kudos to these wonderful nurses! They've created a model text for teaching a more enlightened and protective form of parenting as a way of preventing ACEs from ocurring - I'm going to use it with parent groups and caregiver groups asap! I wonder if it will be made as an inexpensive book that I could order for class participants? I'd love that...

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am also having a hard time getting a response.. They consider me spam!!!!
I met Jane Stevens last Friday at a conference in Kalispell, MT. She
mentioned Dr. Teri Peterson as a speaker for our conference sponsored by ST
James HealthCare in Butte, MT, but I did not get contact info for Dr.
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to me.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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