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New Transforming Trauma Episode: Professional Quality of Life for Trauma Therapists with Dr. Jennifer Vasquez


In this episode of Transforming Trauma, our host Emily is joined by Dr. Jena Vasquez, LCSW-S, NARM Therapist, SEP, Yoga Therapist and Instructor, professor and researcher. Dr. Vasquez recently completed her doctoral dissertation, Meaning Making: Understanding Professional Quality of Life for NARM Trained Trauma Therapists, one of the first research studies on how professional training in trauma impacts quality of life for trauma therapists. Dr. Vasquez specifically chose NARM to research, and throughout their conversation, she shares the findings of her research, including powerful quotes from those she studied.

Dr. Vasquez has worked in the field of trauma for many years and observed that so many of her colleagues and supervisees were getting burned out. She reflected on what resources were available and realized that those that went for further training in trauma seemed to fare better. She, herself, had trained in several modalities before she found NARM, and realized she saw something different in therapists trained in NARM. In her search to better support fellow therapists and supervisees she began to hypothesize that there’s something in the NARM Training that can be beneficial for trauma therapists. “The NARM Training can really help trauma therapists to reduce the impact of secondary traumatic stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue that so many therapists are exposed to in their work.” Dr. Vasquez says.

Dr. Vasquez shares a few powerful quotes from research subjects (i.e., NARM Therapists), including:

  1. “I feel more joy in my work, and in my life personally.”
  2. “Working with trauma is a difficult choice, and using NARM has allowed me to really stay in it without being in it in a way that’s impacting myself and my ability to be there and be present.”
  3. “Not only is the modality effective, but it also supports me in being able to do the work and sustain it.”

Dr. Vasquez also shares about her own journey through the NARM Therapist Training, the impact this work and community had on her, and how she now integrates NARM into her teaching, supervision and clinical work. When reflecting on her integration of NARM, she says,  “The four pillars of NARM really are the framework that guide my practice with complex trauma survivors.” Dr. Vasquez and Emily reflect on the transformative nature of NARM Therapy as well as discuss ideas for further research on NARM clients as well.

We invite you to listen to the full episode to hear their full conversation and to learn more about Dr. Vasquez’ research and work with NARM.

You can listen to this episode on the Transforming Trauma website, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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