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"Cheering for the Children" Focuses on Children Exposed to Trauma

San Diego Author Casey Gwinn Publishes New Book Focused on Children Exposed to Trauma


NYC Filmmaker Hannelore Williams Calls 
 Cheering for the Children

Every child needs a cheerleader and a pathway to hope.  A new book published by Wheatmark and, available now at Alliance for HOPE's online store and, focuses on the diverse needs of children exposed to child abuse and domestic violence. Cheering for the Children: Creating Pathways to HOPE for Children Exposed to Trauma is a call to all caring people to become cheerleaders for children exposed to trauma and abuse. In the book, author Casey Gwinn, the former elected San Diego City Attorney and a leading domestic violence professional, explains why childhood trauma should be the preeminent public health issue in America today and how we can all help change the lives of children for the better.


In this compelling and well-documented book, Gwinn maps out the massive costs and lifelong consequences of unaddressed childhood trauma through the internationally recognized Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and other critical research. Then, using his own personal journey through trauma, lessons learned from leading experts across the country, and poignant real-life anecdotes from survivors, he provides the big strategies and small, practical steps that every parent, grandparent, mentor, caring community member, and policymaker can take to make a difference in the lives of their own children and the hurting children of America.


In the book's Foreword, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, co-Principal Investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, says, "Cheering for the Children is one of the first books focused on educating the general public about the ACE study."


Dr. Vincent Felitti receives the Alliance for HOPE's Lifetime Achievement Award from Alliance President, Casey Gwinn.

Casey Gwinn has invested his career in helping victims of domestic violence and their children. He is a passionate advocate for children that are growing up with physical and sexual child abuse and children witnessing domestic violence. He began his career as a prosecutor and now runs a national domestic violence prevention organization called Alliance for HOPE International. He is the visionary behind the rapidly developing Family Justice Center movement that seeks to put all the services for victims of violence and abuse under one roof, in one place, in local communities across the country and around the world. Casey is the founder of the first camp in America focused on children exposed to domestic violence -- Camp HOPE America


His own journey through abuse and the impact of childhood trauma helps Casey connect with audiences, his authentic sharing of his faith draws others to his vision, and his passion for changing the endings for trauma exposed children will inspire you to become a cheerleader for children in your life and children in your community.


Child trauma therapist Dr. Linda Chamberlain on Cheering for the Children: 


"This is book is a must read for every parent, grandparent, caregiver, youth-serving professional and anyone who cares about the future of our children. Casey Gwinn blends insightful stories, his decades of experience advocating for children and the latest science to help us understand the predictable effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and pathways to healing trauma. Cheering for the Children is a user-friendly resource that is full of promising practices and simple strategies that we can start doing today to help traumatized kids and families overcome adversity and build resilience."


All proceeds from the book will benefit Camp HOPE America, the first comprehensive camping program in the country for children exposed to domestic violence. 


Casey Gwinn is available for interviews, appearances, speaking, book signings and more by contacting Alliance for HOPE at (888) 511-3522. For more information or a high-resolution image of the book cover and photo of Casey Gwinn, please contact Michael Burke at or by calling (619) 573-4345.


About the Alliance for HOPE

Alliance for HOPE operates the Family Justice Center Alliance, the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, Camp HOPE America, the Justice Legal Network, and the VOICES Survivor Advocacy Group. The Alliance was launched by the founders of the San Diego Family Justice Center after the development of the President's Family Justice Center Initiative in 2004. At the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, the team was asked to develop a program to support new and developing Family Justice Centers across the country. There are currently more than 90 operational Centers in the United States with international Centers in ten countries.  There are over 100 Centers currently developing in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central America.

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