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NCSL database tracks ACEs and trauma legislation since 2018


Starting in 2018, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has tracked trauma-related state legislation that addresses childhood trauma, child adversity, toxic stress, or “adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).“ This  link will take you to the NCSL Injury Prevention Legislation Database|Opioid Abuse Prevention page to access the ACEs legislation database.

Here’s how you use it:

Under “Topics,” choose the first topic listed (ACEs) and under “States,” choose “All States” or the specific state or states you are interested in.  There are other search options listed at the bottom including the choice of ACEs bills for a specific year from 2018-2021. You also have the option to select the status of bills including adopted, enacted, failed, pending, etc.

While the full text is available through the online tracking service Lexis Nexis, you also might want to access a particular bill on your state’s legislative site.  This link to the NCSL State Legislative Website Directory connects you to other information in addition to pending bills (e.g., statutes, issue reports, press rooms, etc.).  Another way to link with state legislative websites is through the Library of Congress (click here). In some states, you can register to be notified by email if there is a change in the bill’s status.

To check the convening status of your state legislature, click here for the NCSL clickable map. Click here for the pdf version of the NCSL 2021 Legislative Calendar (updated May 26, 2021).

Up to date information (2011-2021) on the ACEs and trauma laws and resolutions is also available on Map the Movement (see the toolbar on the PACEs Connection homepage) and on the State ACEs Action site on PACEs Connection.

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