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Lets build a new Community: PACES AND THE SENIOR CITIZEN

My name is Dennis Haffron.  I am the moderator for PACES and the social sciences.

I see the need to start a new community, (PACES AND THE SENIOR CITIZEN) and I need your help.

I have trained college students and senior citizens groups in ACEs and PACES.  Since retiring I am seeing the need to focus on senior citizens as an overlooked resource.  I am 77 years old and several of the people that I work with in regard to PACES are older than I am.  Many individuals who have been involved from the beginning with ACEs/PACES are now also senior citizens.

Additionally those seniors that can be informed and involved can become a powerful resource in several areas.  First of all senior citizens vote more than any other demographic group in their political goodwill would be a great benefit in establishing a PACES agenda.  Secondly, senior citizens are in the position to put in time and effort into building PACES communities and institutions.  Thirdly, senior citizens can function as members of families who can use this knowledge to support their children grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I propose the main focus for this community would be training, informing, invigorating and involving previously ignored senior citizens in our campaign to build a PACES aware society.  I conceive that that task would entail materials and guidelines for reaching out to senior citizens.  I would also seek, in order to encourage others, to tell stories about senior citizens who are already involved, what they are doing, and what they have already contributed to the PACES movement.  I would further seek to provide information whereby seniors could link to each other and link to other interest groups and geographical communities.

I am doing this because I became aware of the need for this new community on PACEs Connection as a participant in the series of workshops presented by the Campaign for Trauma-informed Policy, and Practice, the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives, & PACEs Connection. During the last meeting of the most recent workshop I mentioned the fact that the population being overlooked for PACEs awareness was senior citizens and that I would attempt to create a community to focus on them.

If you are a senior citizen, know of a senior citizens who is been involved with paces, or can identify groups of seniors that we might reach out to, I ask you to email me at - Gmail or at PACEs and the Social Sciences.

Individual volunteers for a founding committee are welcome to reach out.

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