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‘Let’s Do It Legit’: Drug Arrestees Vie for First New York Pot Licenses []


By Ashley Southall, Photo: Elias Williams/The New York Times, The New York Times, September 26, 2022

Anytime the police approached the street in the Bronx where Hector Bonilla used to hang out, his friends would toss away their marijuana on the ground, he said.

The police would pin the drugs on whomever was closest, Mr. Bonilla said. That is how he ended up with two convictions for marijuana possession in early 2000, he recalled, for weed he maintains was not his.

Mr. Bonilla, 42, a taxicab driver, said his criminal record haunted him for years and made getting work difficult. “Now, over 20 years later, it’s my free ticket to this,” he said, pointing to a laptop screen.

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Other than to pander to big pharma, which logically loves THC-consumption legal obstacles just fine, there is no good reason — morally, ethically or national interest — to maintain THC consumption's criminal status. ... Cannabis products are known to be a healthier alternative to tranquilizer use/abuse and therefor a potential threat to pharmaceutical industry profits.

I remember a then-president Bill Clinton deciding against fully legalizing federally cannabis consumption after having championed it (or, at the very least, its decriminalization) prior to his election. 

Even worse, as president he greatly ramped up the 'war on drugs' — including against personal users, which needlessly unjustly destroyed lives — at the very same time he made it easier for bankers to become richer. And yet he probably slept/sleeps well at night, regardless.

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