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Less than a quarter of eviction aid disbursed, Treasury says []


By Katy O'Donnel, Politico, October 25, 2021

Treasury Department data released Monday showed the disbursement of federal rental aid has started to plateau, despite Biden administration pressure on state and local governments to ramp up delivery of the money to avert evictions during the pandemic.

State, local and tribal officials had disbursed about $10.7 billion in rental assistance as of the end of September, representing less than a quarter of the $46.5 billion Congress authorized in two tranches since last December. The release of $2.8 billion in September marked a 9.1 percent increase from August, which had seen a 44.7 percent increase from July.

With some states and cities still experiencing bottlenecks or waning demand, Treasury said Monday it will soon begin the process of recapturing funds from where distribution is lagging. Sept. 30 was the deadline for state and local officials to obligate or disburse 65 percent of the money they received under the first batch of funding or risk seeing it redistributed to other parts of the country.

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