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Intergenerational trauma and the historical trauma of the Holocaust on “History. Culture. Trauma.” podcast, January 26, 2023


January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It recognizes, as stated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million European Jews by the Nazi German regime and its allies and collaborators, the evolving process that took place throughout Europe between 1933 and 1945.”

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 1.25.13 PMThe historical trauma of the Holocaust will be explored by “History. Culture. Trauma.” podcast hosts Ingrid Cockhren and Mathew Portell this week, as they honor the lives of those lost and discuss intergenerational transmission of trauma and historical trauma.

Cockhren, the CEO of PACEs Connection, recommends reading the American Psychological Association’s article on “The Legacy of Trauma”, which features the earliest known study of intergenerational transmission of trauma conducted by Dr. Vivian Rakoff, a Canadian psychiatrist.

According to Cockren, Rakoff studied the descendants of Holocaust survivors and found that they displayed symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder despite not having experienced the Holocaust themselves. Rakoff's research findings on Holocaust survivors and their descendants led to a greater understanding of the impact of extremely traumatic events on families and across generations.

Tune in at 1 p.m. PT, 4 p.m ET for Thursday’s podcast with Cockhren and Portell, the PACEs Connection director of education and outreach.

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