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In a Year of ‘Abysmal’ Student Behavior, Ed Dept. Seeks Discipline Overhaul []


By Linda Jacobson, Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images, The 74, June 23, 2022

This summer marks the third time in eight years that the U.S. Department of Education is overhauling its policy on how school districts should handle student discipline.

And while the controversy surrounding the issue hasn’t changed, the pandemic offers up a troubling new context: Districts are reporting spikes in student misconduct, violent attacks on school employees and blatant disregard for school rules.

“There is certainly a much higher level of dysregulation in our kids,” said Rico Munn, superintendent of the Aurora Public Schools in Colorado. He added that educators usually expect students to fall into a routine and follow rules by September. “We weren’t hitting that until spring break.”

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