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I spent 20 years in law enforcement, and saw a lot of the same people coming into the system over and over again. ACEs Connection is a community that shares ideas about how we can actually make a difference in children’s lives.


Hi. My name is Christopher Freeze and I support ACEs Connection.

It’s a great organization, one I’ve come to love and enjoy over the last couple of years. It’s something that’s really been meaningful in my life.

I spent over 20 years in law enforcement, and saw a lot of the same people coming into the system over and over again. And I realized the messages I’d probably heard most of my career, most of my life, about “tough on crime” and “we just gotta have more resources” and “more focus” really were not answering the question as to why is it the same people.

So I started looking around, trying to find an answer to that question, and one of the great resources I found was ACEs Connection, and within that group is really a community. And in that community a lot of people shared their same concerns, but also provided ideas and insights on how we can address it, how we could actually make a difference in children’s lives. And that is where I really found out about what Adverse Childhood Experiences meant, and childhood trauma, and what to do to make a difference. And so it has really been a great journey for me and I hope it will be for you as well.

(ACEs Connection) is a place that really does strive to make a difference, and is a very loving and caring group of people, a hardworking group people. They are free in sharing their ideas. I am excited about continuing to support ACEs Connection, and I hope you will support it as well.

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Thanks so much for supporting our "ACEs Changemaker Matching Grant Campaign" with this terrific video and post.

I so enjoy working with you, looking for ways to advance the progress of the ACEs Movement in Mississippi, and in the law enforcement, justice, and business communities. As a former FBI agent, and with your heart for trying to prevent ACEs, you bring new wisdom and perspectives to the movement. I am always glad to hear what you have to say, and am especially grateful that I got to hear you speak and meet you in person at a conference last year. I look forward to working with you in the new year, and wish you and yours a safe and comforting holiday season.

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