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How we are responding to COVID-19 []


March 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

Since our last newsletter, rural tribal communities have been grappling with COVID-19 and our team has been working around the clock to help contain the virus, protect families from infection, and get urgently needed food, cleaning supplies, and other materials to families in need. Our sincere thanks to the many generous friends who have made contributions to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund and are helping make this response possible.

We would like to offer special thanks to Leadership Donors who have stepped up so far during this time: Brian and Aileen Roberts, Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry, Beth and Rick Schnieders, Ellen and Mike Kullman and Family, Jocelyn and Jim Stewart, Raches Ella, George and Angelia Siber, Merryl and Chuck Zegar, Clint Walker, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, and Michaela Walsh.

Our Work
Our Center is highly poised for this effort with a 40+ technical team of infectious disease, mental health, behavioral health, training, and communications expertsβ€”and more than 200 boots on the ground: Native health workers in their own communities serving courageously during this public health response.

We are proud to have joined an intensive partnership with the Indian Health Service and tribal health departments to leverage our intellectual and workforce resources.

Health Communications
We are working with Indian Health Service to adapt COVID-19 guidance from CDC materials, creating a suite of communication materials for tribal contexts. Materials are being circulated to homes, via radio and text, and through social media to promote a clear understanding of how to survive this outbreak, including best practices for people to protect themselves and their families.

Examples include:

Social Media Materials:

Helpful Article

This recent article in POLITICO illustrates how critically important our Center's work is in helping contain the virus.

Share With Friends and Family

Please share this newsletter with your networks. Updates in the days ahead can be found on our social media accounts:

We hear from our frontline teams how important this work is, and how vitally needed supplies and public health expertise are a lifeline for families and communities.

Give here to support the outreach effort.

The situation is dire, yet we are encouraged by the swift and fierce response of our staff members on the ground. We remain hopeful that our efforts will mitigate the strain on local communities and reduce adverse health outcomes.

We continue to be grateful to our supporters and most importantly, our partners in tribal communities.

With best wishes for your health and safety in the days and weeks ahead,

Allison Barlow, PhD, MPH

Director, Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health

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