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How to Be More Present, and Stay Present (


The holidays can be an overwhelming time when we find our minds racing a mile a minute. Here are some tips on how to be present.

While many take this time of year to look back (best-of lists, anyone?) or look ahead (are we making resolutions for 2021 or just letting it wash over us?), here’s an invitation to just be here. Right here, right now, in this moment.

Some of these moments will bring great peace. Others will leave us in pieces. The more we can bring our focus and presence to these moments, the more skilled we become at compassion—for ourselves and others—kindness, and finding joy, and the more we can surf the changes of our lives with ease. It all starts with being present in our lives.

Three Practices to Find Your Presence

1. Bring your whole heart to the moment

2.  Find your foundation in breath

3. Savor what comes

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