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Free Resource: A Children's Book to Help Understand Social Distancing


Here's a link to the book I wrote to help kids understand social distancing and express their own emotions.  This is really important or things stay bottled up inside.  It is now in video version; podcast and ebook are coming.  

Feel free to forward to others -- kids of all ages across the nation and the globe.Reprint the link. Do an article on it. Share with friends. Circulate it. Tweet it. Free resource.   Bottom line:  make it viral.  The cover is attached!!!

I hope it helps. Navigating emotions is not easy for any of us in this difficult time.  Share how your children react to the story. For many, it allows them to open up because they can relate to Wrinkles.  One little girl said to her father (a teacher), I feel bad for Wrinkles. He's so so sad. The dad asked, Are you sad?  And for the first time, the child shared how she felt like Wrinkles.

There are many questions one can ask children:  How does Wrinkles feel? Do you feel the same way?  What is Wrinkles doing to pass the time?  Is it working? What are you doing?  Is it helping?  Does Wrinkles miss his friends and his job?  Do you miss your friends and your school?  Wrinkles is worried that his friends won't be there for him because they aren't seeing each other.  Do you worry about your friends?



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