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Free Honest Sharing Workshop (ongoing)


Next workshop: in March
Location: online via Zoom

You can check within the following telegram group when the next workshops will take place. There you can also let us know whether you are interested to attend the workshop:

More about Honest Sharing you can read here:

This 2 hours workshop is for Honest Sharing newbies. People who are interested in authentic contact and healing of one’s nervous system and an increased capacity and self regulation.


4 participants

Everybody gets the opportunity to experience Honest Sharing with another participant including feedback.

Possibilities to raise questions about the process and to share impressions.

Little break in between.


You should have read and understood the principles of Honest Sharing as described here:

We will have additionally a short 10minutes-call beforehand to say „hello“, clarifying open questions on the workshop and doing a quick tech-check.

All the best, Julia

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