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Day 4, 16 days of activism against gender-based violence


Today we are challenging beliefs on masculinity and doing some reflection.

Toxic masculinity drives violence against women.
Evidence shows that women in relationships with men whose beliefs and behaviours reinforce male dominance and gender inequality are more likely to experience intimate partner violence.
Traditional concepts of masculinity tend to emphasize traits like aggression, strength and control—while disparaging sensitivity, empathy, vulnerability and other traits traditionally associated with femininity.
When we fail to challenge these beliefs, everyone loses.
Today, take some time to reflect on your own ideas about masculinity and femininity, and think critically about depictions of gender in media and culture. Support the men and boys in your life to embrace caretaking, emotional expression and other traditionally non-masculine traits.

I took some time to hear from a couple of gentlemen in our society, and they were gracious enough to share their personal and professional views on the subject. One is Pastor Jacob Chungu, and the other gentleman has to remain anonymous due to his standing in society.

Pastor Chungu shared how that he has had to deal with GBV on a number of occasions, and in his opinion, Gbv is mostly caused by men who have a low self esteem. They tend to say the wife does not respect them, hence the violence. He also said that most men think they have every right to get what they want to a point that they even think cheating is part of those rights. He added that he is currently teaching the young men truth according to the Bible and the reality of the world we are in.

Our anonymous gentleman shared that there is an African proverb that says "it takes a village to raise a man". He believes that if our elders went back to the days when one would teach those that were coming of age, It would help in shaping the young into upstanding members of society. He also shared how that he is teaching his sons to treat women right, respect them and not to look at them as the "weaker" vessel but as equals.

With more of such men, the fight against Gender Based Violence will certainly be won!

Together, we can End Violence Against Women and Girls.


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