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Covid-19 tsunami of suffering: The pandemic isn't pausing; U.S. shouldn't either []


By Richard E. Besser, USA Today, November 19, 2020

One thing scientists know with certainty is that viruses don’t get pandemic fatigue, but people do. This matters today as America enters a dangerous period in which the actions of government and individuals will likely determine how many people die and whose lives our society values.

We’ve known since the dawn of this pandemic that winter would be especially bad in terms of disease transmission. Many politicians put forth a different narrative, but public health leaders were clear that we should expect cases to spike and hospitals to be overwhelmed.

We’re witnessing the dark clouds of the pandemic storm today, reminiscent of the worst days of spring and summer. In just the past week, the United States has seen some of the year’s highest numbers: more than 1 million new cases and about 8,600 deaths.

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