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COA Awareness Week 2018 – February 11 - 17


If a child grows up with addiction, that is probably not the only risk factor in the home. ACEs or adverse childhood experiences tend to cluster; once a home environment is disordered, the risk of witnessing or experiencing emotional, physical, or sexual abuse actually rises dramatically (Anda, et al., 2006).

Addiction, with an emphasis as today’s public health emergency, is very much a part of the political and public discourse.  Unfortunately however, the needs of the children hurt by addiction in the family – too often with lifetime consequences – are seldom part of the conversation. The confusion, fear and helplessness present in their daily lives, often caused by compounded ACEs, create a chronic emotional trauma that is unseen and unaddressed in their homes, their schools and their faith communities. It is too frequently ignored by the very adults who can make a difference.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Help raise awareness about the trauma, and educate communities how they can provide support for these kids and teens.  Empower these children to heal.

Some of the resources we have created to help those interested in this campaign can be found on the COA Awareness campaign page:


Check out the NACoA storeFamily Resources section, or Professional Resources section for additional resources to make available in your area, for those who work with kids, or for families themselves.

Consider getting involved this year and being a voice for children living with the trauma of addiction.

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