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Calling for ‘Love’ not ‘Hate,’ Minnesota Governor Declares His State a Refuge for Trans Youth []


Gov. Tim Walz signs an executive order protecting trans youth from around the country seeking gender-affirming care. Behind Walz in a pink jacket is Rep. Leigh Finke (DFL), who has introduced legislation on the matter.

By Farrah Mina, The Imprint, March 8, 2023

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (DFL) signed an executive order today making his state a refuge for trans youth from across the country who require gender-affirming health care.

The order directs state agencies to protect transgender people, their families and medical practitioners from any legal repercussions for their participation in such medical care. It prohibits state agencies from cooperating with other states where gender-affirming care for minors is outlawed or considered child abuse, “except as required by court order.”

“In this state, hate has no home,” Walz said at a signing ceremony today. “In this state, love and acceptance is what we preach.”

The executive action comes after seven states — Alabama, Utah, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and South Dakota — banned gender-affirming care for transgender youth. Last year, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents whose children are receiving gender-affirming health care, under threat of a foster care removal.

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