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By popular demand: PACEs Connection's PACEs science 101 presentation for anyone to use


You asked for it! It's finally here: PACEs Connection's official PACEs science PowerPoint!

Who's it for? Anyone who needs to do a presentation about PACEs science.

How long is it? About 25-30 minutes, depending on how fast you speak.

What does it cover? The five parts of PACEs science—epidemiology (the ACE Study and other surveys), the neurobiology of toxic stress (brain science), the short- and long-term health consequences of toxic stress, historical trauma and the effects of toxic stress on epigenetics, and resilience research. It also addresses several misconceptions about PACEs science, how people and organizations are using it to address their most intractable problems, and what the relatively recent research on positive and adverse childhood experiences means for our life course. It ends with an overview of the rapidly growing PACEs movement. It contains two short videos.

Where can I find it? You can download it here. It's also available in the Resource Center here.

Do I need permission to use it? No.

Do I have to pay money to use it? No. It's free.  

Can I add my name and organization to the title slide? Yes.

Will you be updating the presentation? Probably; things change. We learn more about the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences—and how people are using it—every day. We'll let you know when we do so.

What if I have other questions you haven't thought of? Pop them into the comments section, and I'll respond.

Thanks for your interest...and patience!

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awesome!!!  a suggestion - would you be able to "do" this presentation for us - 3-4 different dates/times???  it would be great to hear/see it done before I give it myself, if you'd consider that...  would also give us a chance to ask clarifying questions if needed.  Thank you SOOO much!

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