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Another Milestone In My Recovery From DID, Bipolar, & PTSD


Hello, Community!

I've been cleaning up my old email boxes this morning, and I discovered that my login for the Paces Connection needed to be updated. I remember the joy I felt when I first discovered this community, because as a technical administrator, I highly value the power of digital communication.

It has been three years since my last login, and that is a common occurrence for me, since I have been deeply engaged in my trauma recovery work.

This post is to celebrate another milestone in my journey to life after homelessness and gaining mastery of the symptoms that are losing the ability to completely control my life!!

Since my last post, I have continued my studies in web development, updated the website for my blog, and have settled some legal issues that have prepared me to take the steps to establish my LLC so I can become a business owner.

Becoming a business owner has been a dream that has been delayed, delayed, and delayed again.. BUT, I'm delighted to say that that dream will very soon be a reality!!!

My journey to wholeness has taken a lot of time and effort, but Papa God has made sure I have all the tools I've needed to recover from my history of childhood sexual assault, with the knowledge of ACEs being a critical piece of information for my mental health tool belt.

The update for my storytelling adventures can be seen at

My pending business as an artist can be seen at

Because of Jesus and His great love and His attention to my need for mental health education; I am no longer homeless, no longer continually hospitalized for crisis stabilization, and my life is being restored to a level of stability that was non-existent prior to my experience of becoming homeless.

I'm grateful to still be alive, and am thrilled to now spend my time writing, drawing, painting, and crafting the lifetime adventure of God's word to "Me."

I love spending time in my art studio, where I am working on sharing the details of how "Team Jesus" has walked me out of darkness and into a life filled with His light, love, and indescribable peace.

Shared with a grateful and happy heart from,

Connie, Clara, and the rest of my newly defined Armchair Adventure Team.

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